12 Aug 16

Full Line Up #DITW16

YES! Our full line up is here. We’ll have amazing performances by young talents as WWWater and Dièze. Further we’ll have an artist in residence again and L’Impératrice from France. On Saturday our main act will be Une Soirée avec Claude François ’69, a project with the always interesting Pascal Deweze with all the best things and energy from the last Olympia tour of Clo-clo. Don’t expect a tribute band, this goes way beyond. Afterparties will be hosted by Moedermelk Dj’s and All Dogs Go To Heaven.
29 Jul 16

Deeper In The Woods

This year, the full Deep In The Woods experience will be expanded with these cool activities. Yoga sessions in the morning, climb in the trees with Fun Adventure afterwards, Performance of Stripe” by Arnaud Paquotte in the afternoon, a relaxing sauna/nomad bath and to end the night, having a look at all the beautiful stars. All at Deep In The Woods 2016! Have a look at the full Deeper In The Woods program here.

13 Jul 16

Cochon à la broche

Let’s start a new tradition: Cochon à La Broche! Last year we did for the very first time a huge feast like Asterix & Obelix. And we’re going to do it again this year. If you want to ensure to enjoy this delicious meal (and we have a vegetarian alternative this year), you can buy tickets on our website.

06 Jul 16

Call For Volunteers!

Deep In The Woods 2016 is coming and we always can use a helping hand. So if you want to help us out, you can send an e-mail to benevoles@deepinthewoods.be.

You can send e-mails in Dutch, French or English.

Team Deep In The Woods


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