gc / nc make instant electronic compositions with self-programmed software and self-made controllers.

They look for ways to accomplish a physical approach towards electronic music (and in particular realtime synthesis). They use stuff like bicycles, radios, FM transmitters and little solar cell synths in their performances.

Sjoerd Leijten (1983) is a composer or improviser or musician or sound artist or coder. He's currently interested in electromagnetic waves and in using technology to create new rituals. Next to his autonomous performances and recordings he makes music and sound for movies, theater, radioplays and video games. He does 'guerilla style' media bicycle performances and organizes art bicycle expeditions. Sjoerd has received an award for Best Music and Sound Design at the Dutch Game Awards for his work for the videogame Last Inua and an award for Best Music at the Eindhoven Film Festival for his score for the film Fast Nacht.

Simon Beeckaert, active in the Antwerp music scene, studied jazz double bass at the Antwerp Conservatory. He decided to broaden his horizon towards more experimental sounds and story telling strategies. Regularly he shares the stage with among others Elko Blijweert, Wim de Busser en Arno Goossens. Currently he is working on his solo debut, that will be released in the course of 2019. On this record he explores what new musical stories can be told on the acoustic instrument of which he has studied the traditional techniques for years.

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