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Instruments Make Play est un festival et une plateforme sur les instruments de musique auto-inventés sous forme de concerts, d'ateliers, d'expositions et de résidences. En novembre et décembre 2017, ils ont organisé leur première édition dans trois villes. Rotterdam, Amsterdam et Deventer. La série est programmée et produite par Lukas Simonis, Julie Dassaud et Harco Rutgers. En plus d'être un festival d'instruments inventés, Instruments Make Play se veut une plate-forme internationale pour les musiciens, les constructeurs et les artistes. Spécialement pour Deep In The Woods, ils ont mis sur pied un petit programme où trois constructeurs présenteront leurs instruments et parleront de leurs connaissances!


Instruments Make Play is een festival en een platform voor zelf uitgevonden muziekinstrumenten in de vorm van concerten, workshops, tentoonstellingen en residenties. In november en december 2017 organiseerden ze hun eerste editie in drie steden; Rotterdam, Amsterdam en Deventer. Deze reeks werd geproduceerd door Lukas Simonis, Julie Dassaud en Harco Rutgers. Naast het festival wil Instruments Make Play een internationaal platform zijn voor muzikanten, instrumentenbouwers en artiesten. Speciaal voor Deep In The Woods stelden ze een programma samen waarin drie bouwers hun instrumenten voorstellen en hun kennis met ons zullen delen!


Instruments Make Plau is a festival and a platform about self invented musical instruments in the form of concerts, workshops, exhibitions and residencies.  In November and December 2017 they organised their first edition in three cities; Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Deventer. The series is programmed and produced by Lukas Simonis, Julie Dassaud and Harco Rutgers.  Besides being a festival for invented instruments, Instruments Make Play wants to be an international platform for musicians, builders and artists as well. Specially for Deep In The Woods they put together a small program where three builders will show their instruments and talk about their knowledge!


1. Karel van der Eijk 

Karel van der Eijk is a visual artist who makes installations in which sound and mechanics have a key role. Some of his installations move with a push of the button, others are played like an instrument by the audience or by the artist himself.

Saturday Septembre 9 - Étang 13:15 – 14:00



2. Dianne Verdonck

Diane Verdonck invents, builts and plays new electronical instruments. The goal: to achieve an ultimate, personal form of musical expression. All musical instruments that she invented so far have one thing in common: you need your body to play them. 

Saturday Septembre 9 - Étang 14u45 – 15u30



3. Jo Caimo

Megaphone-Ensemble Solo by Jo Caimo: Several megaphones with loop-function together with voice are the instruments to make ongoing variations of drones. Jo Caimo is initiator of the Megaphone-Ensemble. At Deep In The Woods he will play alone and on one spot.

Saturday Septembre 9 - Étang 16:15 – 17:00



4. Andreas Oskar

Andreas Oskar Hirsch Andreas Oskar Hirsch is a Cologne based musician and visual artist. He has been inventing various musical instruments that he performs with, among others, the Electric Palm Leaf, as well as his latest construction, the Carbophon, a kind of a super-kalimba. Moreover, by connecting melodicas to the air chambers of a rubber boat or decoding bird calls via Morse code, he investigates sound, setups, narratives and performative processes and pushes them to a point where frenzy, humor, sense, and nonsense meet. Together with Patricia Koellges he runs makiphon, a label for experimental music and artist records.

Saturday Septembre 9 - Étang 17:45 – 18:30

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